Successfully navigating parenting paradoxes in the technological landscape that is modern life.

Parenting with Technology

Parenting with Technology helps parents understand the issues relating to connected devices that face families today.  We identify some of the pitfalls and present some creative ideas to deal with them in constructive, positive ways while understanding that technology is here to stay and can benefit the family if used responsibly.  It is our opinion that by teaching proper online etiquette and promoting healthy device use we can help our children and ourselves become better digital citizens who are happy, healthy and successful.

Put your relationship first.

We often talk about and are encouraged to put our children first. While I agree with the idea of not being selfish in our lives and interactions with our children, I don't agree with this as a blanket statement.  For you and your spouse to function as the best, most cohesive parenting unit possible, you have to stick together.  You have to dedicate some time to being together, in the same room, focused on each other, doing things together for your relationship.

Car Trek II: The Search for Purpose

This is the second in a series of posts intended to demystify the car-buying process for the average parent. In the last post, we broke down the process into several distinct steps.   Here is my process, in depth, for answering this first question, “Why am I here?” Why am I replacing my vehicle? Hopefully, you can find some insight here that makes your process easier or your life better. 

Car Trek I: The Saga Begins...

Over the last few weeks, I have decided to replace my Mini-van, the family grocery getter.  What I would like to do over the next few articles is to break down my process for those in the same situation.  It doesn't matter why you need to replace your vehicle, or if you are buying the first one for your new family.  The process should be the same. 

How to successfully talk to a teenager.

Well, frankly if you have done your best at teaching them, it won’t be as hard as you think.  Your teen is a person, an average human.  To relate to them, try the same communication skills that you employ when talking to your associates or your clients.  Speak to them like an adult, be engaging and intelligent.  Be respectful of their time and their feelings. 

Is my teenager turning into a Millennial?

Is my teenager turning into a Millennial? A Hipster maybe?

No.  What your teenager is “turning into” is an adult.  More accurately, they are not “turning into” anything at all.  They are just exploring, trying on new thoughts and ideas to see what fits, and while they do, they are taking those from the group of adults they most closely identify with.  They may act like those twenty-somethings that you see at Starbucks...

No Devices at the Table

Here is one simple step that I have found to maximize our family time.  No Devices at the Table!  In my house, we are connected.  Everyone has at least one device, including my 5-year-old.  One of the first rules we implemented was no devices at the table.  You see, in my house, we have rooms for kids and rooms for adults, but the only true common ground is the dinner table.

Your kids aren't smarter than you, just more motivated.

“My kids are so much smarter than I am when it comes to technology.”  How many times have I heard this?.  I speak to clients that are bewildered by their children’s use of web connected devices and they always say “My kids are so much better with computers than I am, I just can’t keep up with them.”  I say this is a huge cop-out.  Your children are NOT smarter than you when it comes to anything.  They are more motivated, and they have better support groups...

Technology didn't do it...

You can’t blame the hammer when you hit your thumb.  In the last few weeks, I have experienced an absolutely overwhelming amount of negativity regarding technology, specifically kids using devices.  I have heard all the rants and rhetoric denouncing the use of devices in all ages of people under 30.  I have sat with friends and family members as they discussed the wholesale degeneration of our society...

Holiday Device Survival Guide

So the Holidays are behind us, the gifts are opened, the wrapping paper is ready for the recycle bin, the relatives are all headed back home and your family is starting to settle back into a less-than-festive routine.  Well, as you pack up those holiday gift devices and prepare your family for the mass exodus of back to school, here are a few quick and helpful tips about all that new tech.  There are a few separate tips regarding several areas of a new device...

If you die tomorrow will your kids still be able to watch Netflix? A conversation about your Digital Legacy.

Everyone knows you need a Will, a medical directive and life insurance to help your loved ones at the end, but what about your digital world? Will your family be locked out of critical files and services until they can guess your passwords or reset your accounts?

You have to be friends with your kids, but not embarrass them. Step Three

While most of my posts to this point have been very up beat, positive and happy, telling you all the wonderful things your kids can do with tech and why you shouldn’t worry, this one is going to be a little different.  My message to you today isn’t negative, just cautionary, and it goes like this: When I allow my child to have access to any site or app that has social aspects...

The election is over, now show your kids Love!

The theme for today and over the next few months of transition should be one thing. Love.  I only post here every two weeks, but today I am making an exception because I think it is very important to say this.  There are many people who, as parents, have lived through this political turmoil among children for the last 18 months as the rhetoric and banter has exploded around them. No matter which side you are on...

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